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You’re standing at the credit card machine across from the cash register at the grocery store. While the checker is busy scanning each item, your heart begins to pound as you watch the dollar amount on the screen climb and climb.

You begin to think about each and every item you put in the cart, thinking that you really didn’t buy everything you did. You wonder how the bill can be that high. Your palms start to sweat as you realize that you are way over your budget and you start to think about where you were going to come up with the money to pay the rest of your bills.

th1IADUSHUFinally, the checker hits the total button, and as you gape at the number, you want to cry. Is there any way to actually save money at the grocery store? Or is shopping every week nothing more than a vast sea of high prices and overspending?

Yes, of course, there are ways to save and to make sure the catastrophe never happens in the first place.

COUPONS ~ You’ve heard it a thousand times, but the fact of the matter is, coupons work. With multiple coupon resources it’s easy to get coupons galore. So grab your Sunday paper, get online, and start cutting.

Of course you are not going to use every coupon you come across, cut them all anyways and swap the coupons with your friends and family. Want additional savings? Shopping at stores that that automatically double coupons will save even more.

WEEKLY ADS AND PLANNING MEALS ~ Along with your coupons check your local grocery store’s weekly ad for additional savings. Using the weekly ad, plan meals a week in advance. If ground beef is on sale, plan to eat more beef that week than chicken. Only buy the fruits and vegetables that are on sale as well.

MAKE A LIST ~ After you have made your meal plan, create your list. The most important thing about your list is sticking to it. Do not start buying items that are not on the list and do not change your meal plan while you are in the store. If you see something you would love to make for dinner, make a note and plan it for the next week.

PAY WITH CASH ~ Leave the credit cards and checkbook at home and shop with cash. If you know you won’t have enough to pay for it, you won’t put it in the cart.

KEEP TRACK AS YOU SHOP ~ With either a calculator of piece of paper keep track of the cost of each item going into your cart. Keeping the list will also give you a reference when making future lists and meal plans because you will be able to see when items go on sale how much you will save.

BUY GENERIC/STORE BRAND ~ I’ll admit that I am one of those people that with certain products I refuse to buy generic or the store brand. But the list of items is short, and I find that a lot of the generic brands actually have better ingredients than the name brands they copy, and they do it for a lot cheaper!

DO NOT SHOP HUNGRY ~ Eat before you go to the store. Going grocery shopping while you are hungry is like letting a kid loose in a toy store. If you are hungry, you will buy more.

SHOP ALONE ~ If possible leave the family at home. Kids can be a distraction and if they keep bothering and pestering for items, you will find after awhile you give in just to keep them quiet. Let’s face it; the cost of groceries is at an all time high. But with diligence, you really can save at the grocery store, but still feed your family.

Happy Savings!

Angela Christina Archer is a wife, mother, author, and blogger who is ridiculously addicted to coffee. Currently, she has four Historical Romances available on Amazon. For more information visit her WEBSITE.

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