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thDAZ0KU1HEach week many of us fall prey to the hazards of grocery store sins—the bad habits, if you will, that most American’s don’t realize they even do until it’s too late.

As you watch the grocery store checker scan each item and the dollar amount climbs and climbs, you begin to recount everything you placed in your cart. Was every item needed? How did this happen? Or more importantly how can it be avoided?

What are the top five grocery store sins? And how can you stay clear of them?


You don’t have to be an extreme couponer to save money using coupons. Most people think cutting coupons takes too much time—time they don’t have. Certainly, scouring through the paper each Sunday, searching online, and printing and cutting coupons does take effort. But who wouldn’t want to take an hour out of their day to save some money? On average for every hour spent cutting coupons, $100 is saved at the grocery store.


Going to the grocery store without a clear plan of the meals you wish to prepare for the week and a list will end up busting your budget. Buying products and items you don’t need will only cause you to have to return to the store for the things you do.  Making a meal plan for the week that uses not only the same ingredients, but uses items on sale will save you money and allow you to enter the store with an organized list.


You’re starving and walking through isles and isles of delicious food. What else would a person do except load up the cart with everything your eyes fall upon? Before you leave for the store eat a snack or even a meal.


Shoppers who shop alone spend less money than if they shop with their spouse or children. When shopping with others your attention is distracted and leaves your cart at risk for being filled with purchases you didn’t plan. So hire a sitter, enlist a friend or relative to babysit, and leave your spouse to do something they want to do while you go shopping.


Nothing, repeat nothing, will bust your budget more than impulse purchases. Even if it’s just one item, allowing yourself to indulge with one item has the potential to become two, three, or more. When faced with the temptation, instead of putting it in the cart, leave it on the shelf and when you are done shopping return to the purchase. Nine times out of ten you will forget about it, which only means you really didn’t need it in the first place.

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