Heavenly Treasures

There are a few precious things in this world that I think are from Heaven itself. Little things that warm the soul, things God gave us to enjoy. Oftentimes, we find these things – or experience them – when we need the most. Sometimes though, they are just a boost to an already great day. Either way, it humbles me that our Heavenly Father placed such treasures here for us.

Some of these treasures include:

The way new baby’s head smells. It gets me every time and this sweet fragrance is likely the reason that my husband and I will be welcoming our seventh little bundle of joy in a month’s time. Even when I try to talk my ovaries down (18 to life man, stay with me!) it doesn’t work. Hand me a baby and it won’t be long before I’ve convinced my better half that we need just one more.

Another of these precious things is puppy breath. Melts me every single time. It’s nearly as intoxicating as the smell of a baby’s sweet head, and comes with a lengthy commitment, too. I can give you all the reasons we don’t need a puppy, and why we shouldn’t get a puppy, and how getting a puppy is a really bad idea, but if you hand me that puppy I’ll cave every single time. It’s that sweet puppy breath and I cannot resist it.puppy breath

(Meet Hellion, our not-little-for-long Great Dane.)

The sun, faithfully rising in the east. No matter how hard yesterday was, no matter how rough the day ended, no matter how dark the night may have seemed, the sun peeks up in the east, giving us another day to work on. Another day to forgive and be forgiven, to love and be loved, another day to live and serve and glorify our Maker. I’m not a morning person, so I miss more sunrises than I catch, but I seem to always catch one when I need it the most.

The look on my husband’s face when he’s proud of me or doing something to help me is another of these wondrous gifts. Sometimes the way he looks at me makes me feel like the most special girl on earth and my heart skips a beat. I swell up inside with the reality of our life together and our hope for the future. He makes me feel like I can accomplish anything – even when I feel the most tired and the most run down. My husband himself is a gift I’m thankful for, but there is a look he gives me from time to time that just makes me swoon.

These little things in life that make me feel warm on the inside and give me hope for another, courage for another obstacle, enthusiasm for another day, always remind me of our Creator. I can’t help but praise Him and thank Him for giving us such precious little gifts.

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