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In this economy, families all over the US are looking for ways to save money every month. From groceries, to gas, to extras, cutting down the amount of times you swipe your credit and debit cards have become a daily part of our lives.

One of the ways families can save money is to brown bag their lunch. Whether it’s for school or work or both, taking your homemade lunch has many benefits and can save families hundreds of dollars a year.

While the idea works, there can be snags, so here are some helpful tips on how to overcome those snags and start saving money and eating healthier today!

SAME THING DAY AFTER DAY ~ One of the biggest problems with taking your lunch to work is you run the risk of packing the same thing day after day—a sandwich (usually the same kind), chips, and some piece of fruit or vegetable. Even if you switch up deli meats, having that particular lunch everyday will become boring. Instead change up the routine.

ALLOW YOURSELF A TREAT ~ Allowing yourself once or twice a month to go out for lunch will help keep you motivated to take your lunch. While I would not suggest once a week, because that can get expensive really quick, a couple of times a month would be perfectly acceptable.

HAVE FUN WITH YOUR IDEAS ~ Take leftovers from the night before, or a frozen dinner and cook in the microwave. In the time it takes to make lunches for everyone you could even cook something.

Spaghetti is quick and easy if you just make the pasta and sauce. Cooking a turkey burger in a pan can take about fifteen minutes, and can be reheated. Grilled chicken tossed in a salad is great twist, or some homemade stew you cooked in a crock pot the night before.

Make extra for dinner each night so you have something, either for the next day or the day after and always make extra meals on Sunday night. Last but not least, try different and new types of sandwiches using different meats, cheeses, vegetables, and condiments.

KNOW IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT SAVING MONEY ~ While I mostly stressed in this article the money benefits of taking your lunch to work, there is another benefit as well.

Bottom line is it’s healthier. Unless you are going to a restaurant and eating a healthy meal, or going to a healthy sandwich shop – which if you are doing that you are spending even more money – making a healthy lunch is going to win over a fast food meal.

GETTING OUT OF THE OFFICE ~ It’s true that when you bring your lunch you run the risk of staying cooped up in your office all day. Getting out of the office even if it’s for only 10-15 minutes is essential for maintaining a level of sanity while in the work place.

Even though you bring your lunch, that doesn’t mean you have to eat it at your desk. Finding a nice park to sit in can be more relaxing than a busy restaurant or sandwich shop.

Above all, have fun with taking your lunch to work. Buy yourself a nice cooler type lunch bag. Leave notes for your spouse and kids, or make sure everyone gets a surprise everyday. Doing little things really does help, and in the end you will eat healthier, save money, and feel better.

BOkhRL4XAngela Christina Archer is a wife, mother, author, and blogger who is ridiculously addicted to coffee. Currently, she has four Historical Romances available on Amazon. For more information visit her WEBSITE.

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