Be Kind & Generous

be kind

Teaching my child to be a kind and generous person is very important to me. I feel like the bullying problem in schools is due to parents failing to impart these two very important traits to our children. Even the poorest of us here in the United States are so much better off than many people in other countries and instead of feeling appreciation, we have children with an unfortunate sense of entitlement.

I don’t want this for my child.

One way in which I’m teaching my child to appreciate what he has been given is by giving back. My son is 9 this summer. So I felt he was ready to participate rather than just seeing his father and me donate or give back in the various ways that we do throughout the year. We looked at volunteering his time at a nursing home, volunteering in a soup kitchen, collecting can goods for a food pantry, or running a school supply drive.

My kiddo chose running a school supply drive. So many families in our own community can’t afford to feed their children, much less worry about getting them a box of crayons each school year. This made my son really sad, so he wanted to help other kids like him.

And Aidan’s 1st Annual School Supply Drive was born.


We set up a Facebook page, told all our family and friends, and watched the ads around our community for the best deals. I’m happy to report that we received a huge response and were able to deliver so many much needed supplies to the school we chose to donate to. The day we made the delivery, the admin looked in the first box and exclaimed, “Oh, watercolors. I just had a teacher in here asking for some of those.”

Watercolors, folks. That teacher was going to have to go out and buy them herself because the school we donated to has to provide a completely free education after the school district was sued some years ago for asking their students to provide their own school supplies. This comment put everything into perspective.

When we left that day, my 9 year old said, “That was worth it.”

In that moment, I knew I was doing the right thing. We’re already planning our next giving back effort, volunteering at the old folks home.

I’m always looking for new ways and activities I can do with my son to give back. If you have some good ideas, I’d love to hear them. Please comment below!

2015-2016 Author photoSabrina A. Fish is the author of three Shine novellas, Lost Haven, Road to Nowhere and The Gilded Cage. Owner of a thriving Oklahoma trophy company, she collects interesting names to use in her writing from lists of award recipients. She’s been married to a wonderful man for 10 years and has been mommy to a beautiful little boy for 9 of those. You can learn more about Sabrina at or find her on Twitter @SabrinaAFish, and Instagram @SabrinaAFish, on Goodreads, and Facebook /AuthorSabrinaAFish


3 thoughts on “Be Kind & Generous

  1. That’s amazing. My daughter baked cookies & cupcakes for a Christmas fair, she donated the money earned to an animal charity of her choice. My youngest is nine too, he has always donated his old toys to charity. Your right, it is important.
    I also want to teach them about respecting people, specifically about relationships as they both grow older.

    1. Agreed. Doesn’t it fall in line, though? By teaching them to be kind and generous, they also treat people with respect by default. I feel like everything positive starts with simple kindness.
      I love the Christmas fair idea. My kiddo wants to make those little bottle cap key chains with video game images that can hang on backpacks. I bet he’d love selling them for charity at a small local fair.

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