Writing Prompt #14

The beauty behind a story is the twists and turns the author can take. Some readers expect and some shock them, knocking them off the feet.

The mystery of an authors mind can range in so many directions and emotions the stories are endless . . .

Is she running to or from someone? Is she happy? Devastated? Was she attacked? Or did she suddenly realize that the one she walked away from was her true love?

writing prompt2


One thought on “Writing Prompt #14

  1. Her heart pounds in her chest as her feet hit the pavement. How? How did it get in her umbrella? Have to make it to the other street. Have to get help, her brain screams as her lungs feel as if they are collapsing in on her. I can’t believe I’m going to die like this she thinks to herself. From a bee. A stupid bumble bee sting. Please God let me live. Let me live.

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