Nature Walk


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. ~ Proverbs 9:10

It is a beautiful Saturday morning. I find myself in the throws of nature. All signed up to join the Jr. High kids for camping, I grab my courage (what little there is) and join the group for a nature walk. These youngsters are leaping to and fro without any effort or hesitation. I, on the other hand, want to park underneath the closest tree and read a book. But still, I press on.

We reach our destination, and a hundred feet below sits a beautiful creek filled with fresh water. Large boulders and loose dirt blaze the trail to the oasis. From underneath a shaded tree, I watch as every child and adult heads down the dusty trail. I participate with eyes only, and decide to stay where it is shady and safe. Watching from a bird’s eye view, I felt at peace with things. I was not wired to trample around in mud and sand. Some may call that fear, but I liken it to being true to who God made me.

Taking a step toward God’s voice takes a lot more courage than I can ever muster up. I am not much of a thrill seeker myself. Often times I will retreat to the safest and most comfortable spot. I am sort of an inside girl, I guess you could say, when it comes to–well, a lot of things.

Hearing God’s voice and responding will often times mean recognizing who God made in you. There is freedom in the embrace of your uniqueness. We long to fit in, and will often times try and alter our own personality to fit the mold. Which mold? If I remember correctly, God created each of us uniquely.

The chinks in our armor can often times go unseen. Being down on yourself for not being just like everybody else is a slippery slope. Don’t go there. God made you the way you are on purpose, for a purpose.

If jumping into fresh water with reckless abandonment is your thing, then go for it! But if you’d rather park it underneath the cool shade of a tree, then have a seat my friend.

The view is pretty nice from up there.


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