Heavenly Treasures

There are a few precious things in this world that I think are from Heaven itself. Little things that warm the soul, things God gave us to enjoy. Oftentimes, we find these things – or experience them – when we need the most. Sometimes though, they are just a boost to an already great day. Either way, it humbles me that our Heavenly Father placed such treasures here for us.

Some of these treasures include:

The way new baby’s head smells. It gets me every time and this sweet fragrance is likely the reason that my husband and I will be welcoming our seventh little bundle of joy in a month’s time. Even when I try to talk my ovaries down (18 to life man, stay with me!) it doesn’t work. Hand me a baby and it won’t be long before I’ve convinced my better half that we need just one more.

Another of these precious things is puppy breath. Melts me every single time. It’s nearly as intoxicating as the smell of a baby’s sweet head, and comes with a lengthy commitment, too. I can give you all the reasons we don’t need a puppy, and why we shouldn’t get a puppy, and how getting a puppy is a really bad idea, but if you hand me that puppy I’ll cave every single time. It’s that sweet puppy breath and I cannot resist it.puppy breath

(Meet Hellion, our not-little-for-long Great Dane.)

The sun, faithfully rising in the east. No matter how hard yesterday was, no matter how rough the day ended, no matter how dark the night may have seemed, the sun peeks up in the east, giving us another day to work on. Another day to forgive and be forgiven, to love and be loved, another day to live and serve and glorify our Maker. I’m not a morning person, so I miss more sunrises than I catch, but I seem to always catch one when I need it the most.

The look on my husband’s face when he’s proud of me or doing something to help me is another of these wondrous gifts. Sometimes the way he looks at me makes me feel like the most special girl on earth and my heart skips a beat. I swell up inside with the reality of our life together and our hope for the future. He makes me feel like I can accomplish anything – even when I feel the most tired and the most run down. My husband himself is a gift I’m thankful for, but there is a look he gives me from time to time that just makes me swoon.

These little things in life that make me feel warm on the inside and give me hope for another, courage for another obstacle, enthusiasm for another day, always remind me of our Creator. I can’t help but praise Him and thank Him for giving us such precious little gifts.

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Wednesday Writing Prompt #8

It’s getting a little warmer in this part of the country as June ticks right on by. How’s the weather where you are?

Okay, okay, I know you didn’t come here to talk about the weather. But this time of year is so lovely and I am the type of person to soak up as much time outside as I possibly can. This week’s writing prompt is by a small adventure my kids and I enjoyed

Without further ado…

What do you do when you see a squirrel in the park?

Surprised Squirrel

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Wednesday Writing Prompt #7

June is moving far too quickly, but that means it is already Wednesday again. Wednesday is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week. I look forward to all the great responses to our weekly writing prompt.

These weekly writing prompts have spurred me toward making progress on my novel, which has been a blessing. I didn’t expect these prompts to carry over to my novel in any fashion, but they really have.

Enough about me, let’s get to this week’s writing prompt:



I hope this writing prompt inspires you and as always, please leave a link to the inspired post in the comments. I enjoy reading what you write.

Learning to Blend

Friday is here, and the weekend is near. Today, I’m writing about blended families. It’s an honor to get to share my work here on Write. Blog. Connect.

In one of those conversations that has stuck with me, my mom said we each only have one family. I agreed, yep, one family, however far extended, however connected. Yet, that thought has grown in my head and really started speaking to me about our blended family.

You know, once you’re a blended family, your family extends to places you never would have imagined. I went to a conference once that talked about how the new wife gets an “ex-wife-in-law” and the new husband gets an “ex-husband-in-law.” This is true, and really applies to this one family concept.

None of our boys talk like they have two separate families. They acknowledge that they have many celebrations twice, but they still just have one family. And while sometimes we want to separate the families in our adult perspective, this is hard on the kids. They love their whole family, and sometimes we have to put our own hurts, anger, and ourselves aside to let our kids express those feelings about people that we don’t share the same benevolence towards.

Oddly, whether by positive or negative feelings, we’re still connected to those people. The kids give us a common or shared thread. And the kids are always the first to suffer when hate, bitterness, or unforgiveness go untreated. They suffer the deepest wounds when their family is filled with discord, miscommunication, and anger.

I pray that as we grow closer as a family within the walls of our home, that we would also recognize that our blended kids have a family that reaches to places that us adults may not like. I pray that even when we fail our sweet babies, that they would recognize that Jesus is enough, that they have a heavenly Father who always acts in their best interest, that won’t abandon them. I pray that He will also send people to help them feel loved, to fill in the gaps, and to help me know what to say and do as we travel along this journey.blended family

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Wednesday Writing Prompt #6

Wednesday again, and the month of June is progressing a little faster than I want it to. When did the years start moving so fast? It’s surreal at times.

The weather is warming up, but despite that, a little comfort food still helps me get through the really rough days – and with 6 kids, 1 on the way, and a busy business to run, those days seem a little more often than I care to admit.

This need for the occasional serving of comfort food has inspired this weeks writing prompt, without further ado, tell me what you think, feel, experience, when you consider:

Red Beans & Rice


Please come back and leave a link to your post after you’ve completed your writing prompt. I love to read what you have to say.