Writing Prompt #18

Some say we all have a child still inside us. Whether we’ve buried it so far down we can’t feel it any more or not, it’s still there. Did you write as a child? Did you ever think of writing a children’s book?



Writing Prompt #17

Who is she? A fairy who has lost her wings? A Native American who has lost her warrior? A daughter who has lost a mother or father? A mother who has lost her child? A girl trying to get past the pain of bullies?

Perhaps she more than one of these. Or perhaps none at all.


Writing Prompt #15

Pixies? Elves? Fairies? A yellow bear that wears a red shirt and plays with a pig, a donkey, a bunny, an owl, a rabbit, a couple of Kangeroos, and a bouncing boisterous tiger?

Perhaps, it’s a family of bunnies that raid Mr. McGregor’s garden? Or perhaps, the resident is about to go on an adventure with Rat, Toad, and Badger.

Who lives here? What is their world? Are they shy or do they love adventure? Do they have friends? Enemies?

writing prompt1

Writing Prompt #14

The beauty behind a story is the twists and turns the author can take. Some readers expect and some shock them, knocking them off the feet.

The mystery of an authors mind can range in so many directions and emotions the stories are endless . . .

Is she running to or from someone? Is she happy? Devastated? Was she attacked? Or did she suddenly realize that the one she walked away from was her true love?

writing prompt2

Writing Prompt #13

Whether it’s the real life Black Beard or the fictional Captain Jack Sparrow, perhaps the first pirate that pops in your head when you think of this picture is One-Eyed Willie from the Goonies (if you are an 80’s kid, that is).

Life on the seas in those historical times was exciting and deadly. Could you live the life of a pirate? What would your ship be named? Would you do good or bad? Go ahead, jump on board and sail off into the sunset.

writing prompt3